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Orvil (Willy) and Diana McKinnis were first launched out of the Maywood CA church in February 1984 into Santa Ana CA and pioneered there for 2 years before being redirected to Fresno CA. They have been the Pastors of Praise Chapel of Fresno Since March of 1986. Along with their 4 children (Doug, Adam, Ladawna, and William), they have faithfully served their congregation and have seen God do many wonderful things throughout their years of service in the ministry. Willy and Diana have been faithful members of the Praise Chapel Fellowship since its inception and have tried their best to uphold the Fellowship’s motto: “Win One, Build One, and Send One.”


Over the intervening years, Pastors Willy and Diana have had the wonderful opportunity to express their ministry throughout the United States and internationally, most recently in Egypt and Iraqi Kurdistan. The Fresno Congregation has greatly responded to the needs of the lost and has vigorously pursued opportunities to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ wherever, and whenever, God has opened doors. Many congregants of the Fresno Church are being used of God in ministry and, in the spirit of 2 Timothy 2:15, have comported themselves as workmen of the Word of God who do not need to be ashamed.


Willy and Diana are looking forward to the future with great hope that the Grace of God will continue to bless their ministry in the Fresno church and that God will continue to open doors throughout the world for them to send workers to meet the needs of the myriad of lost souls.

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